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Joined: Sep 3, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I agree. For the money, there is WAY more to choose from. APD album. Joined: Oct 19, Messages: 25, Likes Received: 18, God, I get so tired of this. Just go get your little DSL Vietnam amp or some modeling thing. You're going to do it anyway. Last edited: Aug 6, VinsanitizerAug 6, Too funny! I get a kick out of this stuff! Honest to god humorous. People take things to heart. That's not what these forums are about Nobody likes a critic.

Vinsanitizer likes this. Sorry man. I didn't realize that u created the last sl5 post as well.Page of 3 Go. Quick Links.

Marshall SL5

Download this manual. Table of Contents. Marshall amplification musical instrument amplifier user manual 6 pages.

Marshall amplification musical instrument amplifier user manual 12 pages. Marshall amplification guitar amplifier owners manual 8 pages. Marshall amplification musical instrument amplifier user manual 8 pages. Marshall amplification randy rhoads signature series super lead w head owner's manual 5 pages.

Marshall amplification valve amplifier brochure 3 pages.

Marshall Amplification Slash Signature SL5 Owner's Manual

Acoustic soloist compact and portable 50 watt combo amplifier 5 pages. Jcm triple super lead valve amplifiers 10 pages. Page 2 Your SL5 contains one of the most highly acclaimed guitar speakers in the world — the Celestion Vintage always possible or practical to have a Marshall half Page 3 Controls the high frequencies or top-end in your tone.

Input I is the Comments to this Manuals Your Name:. Enter text from picture:. Latest comments:. Print page 1 Print document 3 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR.Discussion in ' Marshall Amps ' started by theycallmegioJun 2, Log in or Sign up.

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Marshall Amp Forum. After I had mine a while, I decided to try it with some drive pedals, even though the amp has plenty of drive of it's own. I found that with the gain low and volume up a bit, you get a great 70's type chunky sound, and hitting it with a boost just makes it come alive! The SL5 was made with enough gain to work on it's own, but if you ever want a bit of a change, this thing loves pedals.

marshall slash sl5

Vinsanitizer likes this. Joined: Apr 19, Messages: Likes Received: Still have mine after 1 full year. Fantastic amp! Still very happy with it! PBGasJun 6, Joined: Nov 16, Messages: Likes Received: Still loving mine after 1 year ownership! Fantastic sounds offered in both channels! SRTJun 8, Joined: Dec 7, Messages: 14, Likes Received: 10, All of y'all with the SL5's, how many of you are Slash fans to begin with? I just want to eliminate any bias. No bias here!

I am neither a Slash fan or hater. I prefer the 5W mode of the SL5! I set my Ch2 gain fairly low not o'clock and turn up the Ch2 volume for terrific high gain rock sounds.

I set my Ch1 volume to for excellent clean sounds. I enjoy Ch1 as much if not more than Ch2! I typically set my tone controls anywhere from including presence.First here was the limited edition Marshall Slash head, Now the legendary amp maker is back with a second collaboration, this time aimed at distilling Slash's sound into a 1x12" all-valve combo.

Can it be done? Michael Casswell volunteered to find out. I have used many different amps over the years, but the name I inevitably come back to is Marshall. They are well made and reliable, sound great, have good aftersales service and generally treat you as a player, rather than just another customer.

It's named the SL5 presumably because it's a Slash signature amp, and it delivers five Watts. Round the back you also have extension speaker outputs but you don't have an effects loop. Slash isn't big on effects and we all know he gives off the 'plug in and go' vibe which carries over to the design of this amp. Although, let's be honest here, if you check out photographs of Slash's rig, he is using plenty of racked stomp boxes as well as switching between various Marshall heads, probably all switched via his tech so that Slash doesn't have to concern himself with pushing buttons and is free to put his foot on the monitor and throw some shapes.

If he uses the SL5, then it's for practice and pre-show warm ups. Which doesn't detract from the merits of this small combo, but it's as well to be realistic in your expectations! The SL5 is all tube and runs true class A operation.

There are three ECC83 pre-amp tubes and a single EL34 output tube within the typically Marshal bomb-proof box and as soon as you fire it up, you immediately get the grinding JCM type sound that Slash is famous for, especially when you use a Les Paul.

marshall slash sl5

Mission accomplished! If you are after that sound, here it is. Just add a humbucking powered guitar. Plug a Strat in, though, and you realise that even though the SL5 has been designed for Slash, there are plenty of tones to be had that he cannot lay claim to.

Most of the sound comes from you as a player anyway, so you should always buy any signature product with your ears, not because your hero has his name on it we'll remind you of that if there's ever a Michael Casswell signature amp!

Speaker duties in the SL5 are handled by a speaker which it seems Slash and I share the same opinion of - the Celestion Vintage It's a great all-round speaker with a nice bark around the low mids, and the SL5 is lucky enough to be loaded with the 12 inch version, giving it a really big sound for a five Watt combo.

In fact the SL5 has larger than usual dimensions to it, which adds hugely to how this amp sounds.

marshall slash sl5

It looks more like the size you would find in a higher wattage combo, and with that great speaker, combines to make this five Watter sound very grown up indeed. It comes supplied with a footswitch to switch your clean and dirty channels and also turn on and off the rather tasty digital plate reverb. The reverb is very usable, unlike a lot of the spring reverbs that come supplied with many amps. I'm not a fan of spring reverb, and prefer anything that's more studio like, but that could just be me.

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I usually run digital reverb in the effects loops of my amps and use it just to add a little depth to the sound, and reverb on the SL5 is very nice for doing just that. The EQ for both channels is shared, but with some stomp boxes in front of the amp you can add extra versatility to your tone. Let's say you added an everyday Tube Screamer style overdrive stomp box in front of the amp. The effect of that one pedal will be different on both channels. Your clean channel would beef up and get a bit bluesy, and your dirty channel would go to silly amounts of gain, or, alternatively, go some way to help lower output pickups.

Using a Les Paul, there is plenty of gain to be had, but if you own a Tele, obviously that amount of gain will be down a little, so any type of pedal that pushes the front end can expand this and any amp's versatility, and because this amp is all valve, it responds well to this trick. As I say, you should never buy a guitar or amp just because it has your favourite player's name on it. You should buy it because it sounds great, does justice to your playing and inspires you.Discussion in ' Marshall Amps ' started by VinsanitizerJun 30, Log in or Sign up.

Marshall Amp Forum. Joined: Oct 19, Messages: 25, Likes Received: 18, VinsanitizerJul 2, I wonder if I can get one without the fugly logo on it?

MickyJul 2, Joined: Nov 8, Messages: Likes Received: SournoteJul 2, Joined: Jul 2, Messages: 1 Likes Received: 0.

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So basically the differences between this and the class 5 are the extra effects And more distortion? Any other differences i would be happy to hear them.

I have the class 5 currently but very interested in giving the sl 5 a go. How does the sl 5 sound through headphones? I find the class 5 horrible through headphones which makes night time practicing impossible. PeteJul 2, RocktaneJul 2, SonVoltJul 2, Vinsanitizer likes this.

Those are 2 completely different beasts Joined: Apr 19, Messages: Likes Received: PBGasJul 2, The Class 5 is a one-channel no frills amp. It's a cool little box for people who want a low-powered non master volume "clip and rip" amp. Uses one EL84, two preamp tubes, 10" generic speaker, headphone out. It is currently discontinued.

Not to knock the Class 5, but I was an early adopter and had a lot of the problems that plagued the amp right out of the starting gate: mainly, the placement of the EL84 too close to the speaker spelled the future demise, as it caused irreparable rattle.Log in Become a member.

Marshall SL5 Slash Signature. Product presentation. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Like Tweet Submit. Average Score: 4. Not satisfied with those reviews? Request a new review. Sort by most recent most useful. I will not copy the data sheet of the amp, but rather highlight some interesting points: - The knobs and very progressive enough "hard" to include setting the desired volume, it has not jerk sound, you can go down very low, no worries.

The 2-input, useless for me, very disappointing. The self-amplification is Biase, you can change the lamp power without adjustments. Gets it easy to sound good. So there are no more simple.

After on the other hand, must love. I have this amp for a few months, I have selected from the following amps: blackheart BH5dsl1H Marshall, Marshall jcm1h. I still waiting for Marshall so jcm5 the head, one can dream After I played at low volume in 1W mode sticking him an attenuator, it must of course be taken into account in my assessment. But from what I heard on the videos easily found on the net, I have the sound of sl5. The sound of this amp is very easily recognized, it has a particular grain, even with a low level sound.

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Then clean, I pass quickly. For me it is very good, fairly neutral, really clean sound of guns with a Les Paul yes in bridge, we quickly took to Slash. Obviously, the reverb is not as upscale but gives out the changes and is really in the spirit slash. To clean the Appetite, go on the overdrive channel with low gain, we get beautiful sounds "cleanchs" slightly overdrives, closer to the "Appetite" era.

For the overdrive channel is the main argument of purchase or not this amp, there is no evil things to say. We immediately into something very special kind modded JCM, very aggressive.

KAOS Gear Demo - Marshall SL5 Slash Signature Amplifier

There is a very couillue sitting in the bass and low mids that encourages play palm mute that Slash is also fond. It joined the JCM, more pronounced. Blow the amp is very distinctive and for my part, I will not tell at all versatile.

Of course you can play everything, but it has its grain of his own, sitting in the low frequencies and sound skinned, greasy and dry at once. You must love this grain before buying the amp if it is not worth it! And yes, we need to talk a little price because for me this amp is primarily a matter, I do not think there is as much in this price range, low volume, although in absolute terms there always better for much more expensive. After some would say a good pedal in a good clear sound might as well taf We feel that Slash put his paw in the internal circuitry and that even if the lamps, and the hp cab is changed there will always be that grain there.

Short just to summarize, we are in the type of sound Slash, of course, but I also quote Gary Moore. A JCM exacerbated with less finesse. Did you find this review helpful? See description, 4 lamps, 2 channels, eq classic, good usable reverb throughout the race and presence. External speaker output 8 or 16 ohms.Guns N' Roses' Appetite For Destruction is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, and among its myriad highlights is the gorgeous guitar tone of the band's top hat-totin' whirlwind, Slash.

He used a rented Marshall 'Plexi' head and a non-Gibson Les Paul to produce a sound that was full and thick for rhythm, yet sufficiently articulate for solos. And now, after working together to bring us the limited-edition AFD signature head back inthe Marshall team and Slash himself have gone back to the drawing board to produce a small five-watt combo.

Marshall 5 watt Slash Combo

The SL5 is an all-valve package with an EL34 tube in the power-valve section, which is significant because most of Marshall's more powerful amps are based around that type of valve - typically, amps with a similarly low output would use an EL The way the EL34 'squashes' sound is at the heart of the majority of Marshall-based rock tones.

The appearance of a inch speaker - a single Celestion Vintage 30 - also gives the sound more body than the amp's diminutive size would suggest. Control-wise, it's business as usual: two channels, labelled clean and dirty, are controlled by a global three-band EQ, and they can be selected either via a button on the front panel or with the included two-way footswitch.

The second switch engages the spangly onboard digital reverb. However, one of the amp's major selling points can be found around the back: a switch that lowers the output from five watts down to one. Reducing the output in this way means you can crank the amp to maximum for a super-fat tone - all at bedroom-friendly volumes. So, does the SL5 make you sound like Slash? Well, since a player's tone partly resides in their fingers, it's not as easy as that, but GN' R riffs do sound convincing.

You'll need a guitar with a humbucker in the bridge, and to get even closer, tune it down half a step, too - but the breadth of rock tone the SL5 provides is stunning.

This is a classic British overdrive: there's no crystalline edge familiar from US styles of distortion, and each string can be heard no matter how thick your chords are. The SL5 won't be loud enough to gig with, but when we fed it through a 4x12 cab, the projection was vastly increased. Still, at the other end of the scale, with just a single watt of output, you can flail away with as much gain as you could possibly want, without bothering your neighbours next door or downstairs.

Trust us: although it's close these days, you won't get quite the same style of spongy tone with a digital modelling amp. It's about the feel as much as the sound, and the SL5 has that down. It's not especially cheap, but great things rarely are.

marshall slash sl5

MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict This is a truly superb little amp, and for all-out rawk, it's the ultimate practice tool. Pros Valve feel. GN'R tones. Celestion speaker. Switchable power.